Pros And Cons Of E-Cigarettes

Smoking is one of the most significant contributors to heart and lung cancer. Smoking can impact other severe health conditions like tuberculosis, chronic bronchitis, diabetes, stroke, breathing issues, etc. One of the preventative measures taken to reduce the smoking rates was the introduction of what was then, a less harmful alternative to cigarettes, the e-cigarettes. These are devices that consist of an atomizer, a battery source, and a tank. It was thought to be less harmful since instead of the tar and nicotine-containing smoke, e-cigarettes allow the user to only inhale the vapour. However, now the e-cigarettes are becoming more and more popular among the youth for merely the thrill of smoking them. The centres of disease control and prevention determined that over 13% of the population of America had indulged or at least tried an e-cigarette in their life. There are now numerous E-cigarette shops all across the world.

Threats Involved with E-cigarettes:

This growing trend of E-cigarettes, especially among the young people has made the sales of E-cigarettes a popular campaign. However, for the amount of popularity that it has gained the health risks and benefits of this device are still unknown. There have been evidences that have claimed that E-cigarettes still contain toxins that are found to be harmful, however, there have also been in-deniable evidences that support the belief that e-cigarettes can bring down cancer rates, since they contain far less carcinogens than the average tobacco cigarette. Vape store in Melbourne are now replacing tobacco cigarettes with e-cigarettes. There have been substantial proofs that heart rate does increase after intake of e-cigarette smoke and also that some of the chemicals found in them are capable of causing damage to DNA. Some experts also argue that these chemicals and the effects they have on the body are equivalent to the effects of tobacco cigarette smoke.

Benefits involved with smoking E-cigarettes:

There are no compact known benefits of E-cigarettes other than the fact that they are highly useful in cancelling out the smoker’s nicotine addiction with tobacco cigarettes. E-cigarettes although, do have health risks involved, however replace the carcinogenic factors of smoke with not as harmful components. E-cigarettes were first introduced by a pharmacist in China and became increasingly famous because they deliver the nicotine content to the user without delivering the highly dangerous tobacco constituents to the lungs. E-cigarettes and nicotine replacement therapy is still the most popular procedure for cutting down on nicotine. With the risks involved in smoking e-cigarettes there is the argument that there are risks and benefits involved in using any sort of medicine or preventative measures, the choice between the worse and worst kinds of health risk is all up to the user themselves.