Weight Lifting Rules – Fastest Way to Gain Weight for Skinny Runts

Fastest Way To Gain Weight


rules Weight Lifting Rules   Fastest Way to Gain Weight for Skinny Runts

Every morning when you get up from bed, do you look yourself in the mirror wishing you knew what the fastest way to gain weight was? Are you pleased with what’s in front of you? If you look more like a long distance runner instead of a fitness model, then you have nothing to fear, because YOU’RE NOT ALONE. All you have to do is follow this weight lifting rules I’m about to teach you.

In this world, there are some of us who just have a tough time trying to put on considerable amount of weight. This type of people are affected by their hormonal environment which is not suitable for gaining size. Others usually have crazy genetics just waiting to burn out or throw out anything they consume. Either way, there must be a slight change in weight lifting techniques when it comes to overcoming a skinny body.

Good news is that you are taking the time to study about the fastest way to gain weight and muscle building rules design specifically for skinny guys so that you don’t have to live life feeling like “a feather when the wind blows…” icon smile Weight Lifting Rules   Fastest Way to Gain Weight for Skinny Runts

before Weight Lifting Rules   Fastest Way to Gain Weight for Skinny Runts

If you’re a skinny guy (which I’m sure you are. If not, why are you here?), you and any other skinny people out there need to abide by one general rule: Avoid volume work at all times! With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the other rules:

RULE #1: Get in, and GET OUT!

Do not EVER spend more than 1 hour in the gym. PERIOD! Your job as a person who is trying to put on mass (find out more about ectomorphs here) is get in and out of the gym as soon as possible. You will need to live by this rule at all cost. Working out in the gym is a calorie expensive activity and you of all people should not be burning additional calories doing weight lifting.

If you really want to put on weight the fastest way, know this: Muscle growth only happens when your body is resting, NOT in the gym. And being a skinny person, you’re going to need all the rest you possibly can to achieve significant muscle gains.

However, this does not mean you need to sit your butt on a couch several days between your workout days. What I mean is to not perform sets of exercises back-to-back without any rest periods. And even for rest periods, don’t you dare head on over to talk to the hot receptionist at the gym’s front desk! icon confused Weight Lifting Rules   Fastest Way to Gain Weight for Skinny Runts

To put on weight the fastest way, your workout routine should consist of 10-12 max for the number of sets you do in one training day. And make sure these are all done using heavy weights plus pushing yourself to the limit as there are no excuses for doing sissy light workouts in your muscle building program.

Moving on to RULE #2: Isolated SUCKS!

Isolated exercises were NOT meant to be done by skinny guys or anyone trying to put on mass. You would just be wasting your time doing it.

If you’re so used to going to the gym and busting out bicep preacher curls, tricep rope extensions, machine cable flys, and so on… then you need to alter your routine FAST. Remember the first rule where I said you only have 1 hour in the gym? Why would you want to waste that precious time doing exercises that’s going to take you years to put on quality mass? You’re going to want to hit exercises that were design to slap on tons of mass in the shortest amount of time, such as squats, deadlifts, bench presses, rowing, and military presses.

Make these exercises your allies every time you hit the gym and you’ll be experiencing the hugeness in no time. Forget about the 5-day split program and stick to upper body/lower body workout programs or even a full body workout program. These are the best when it comes to putting quality muscle mass.

This brings me to the next important muscle building rule for skinny guys: Cardio. Yes, you heard that right. This is also (surprisingly!) one of the fastest ways to gain weight.

RULE #3: Cardio? Hell yeah!

Most skinny guys worry too much about trying to gain size and at the same time, not get fat. Well, my advice would be to put a cock in it as you and I both know that you’re a long way from becoming fat. So STOP WORRYING.

The truth is, when it comes to gaining fat, the most important point to focus on is your diet. So as long as you keep it clean in the kitchen by choosing the right foods, you don’t have to worry about doing additional cardio routines to burn off access fat in the future. Trust me, the fastest way to gain weight is to NOT be burning valuable calories on the treadmill which could have helped you build more muscle mass in the first place.

If you still insist on doing some cardio to keep fit, by all means go ahead. But please follow this guideline: Do not do more than 30 minutes per session. No more than 3 sessions per week. And just stick to low to moderate intensity, as high intensity should only be released in the gym!

Which brings us to RULE #4: Cool off…

You absolutely must have sufficient amount of REST! You’ve already done the right thing by going to the gym and pumping hard iron. You have fueled your body with proper nutrition and eating healthy foods. Would you want to throw all that away by going out and partying late night with your friends and only getting about 4 hours of sleep? Because that is exactly what it’ll do to your efforts if you’re trying to gain weight the fastest way – or should I say the slowest way…

I can’t even begin to explain how important it is to have at least 7-8 hour sleep at night. If you cut short this sleeping time, your body will not have enough time to recover making it prone to injuries and worse of all, it will cut short your efforts to grow big. Just don’t do it… AT ALL. It’s that simple.

Now for RULE #5: Technique – Get It RIGHT!

You either do it the proper way, or GO HOME. It’s all about the technique guys. It never stops to amaze me to see some guys in the gym doing barbell curls by lifting those barbells with overweight plates using more momentum than the Gravitron at the fair… icon biggrin Weight Lifting Rules   Fastest Way to Gain Weight for Skinny Runts He would probably get all his muscles worked out all right. All but one… his BICEPS! That’s just plain ridiculous. The only thing that will benefit you is going down with a back pain.

It is a compulsory to always maintain proper form and technique when performing any sort of weight lifting. Not so much to avoid injuries, but to make sure you get what you came into the gym for… which is to SEE muscular gains that packs on body weight fast! Cheating your way through form only means cheating yourself.

An additional Bonus RULE #6:
A Mentor You RESONATE With…

The best advice I could give anyone trying to put on weight the fastest way is to find somebody who’s done it and get them to mentor you. They’ve been through it and seen most of it. Once upon a time they were a scrawny runt just like you but have managed to make a complete 180 in life and have now dominated the gym room. Not only can they help you with techniques, but also boost your motivation to push yourself harder. Knowing what works and what doesn’t is of course an advantage, but knowing tried-and-true secrets might just make things go faster for you!

So, in a nutshell, what you should do in your upcoming workout session is –

Step 1. Get in the gym…
Step 2. Always train hard and push yourself to the limit!
Step 3. Get out of the gym ASAP (keep it under an hour).
Step 4. Eat and rest icon wink Weight Lifting Rules   Fastest Way to Gain Weight for Skinny Runts

Cultivate this same routine for the next couple of months and you would have achieved the fastest way to gain weight, thus making this year the last year you’ll ever need to stare at that skinny body in the mirror!

Feel free to leave your comments below or if you have any questions regarding these rules to gain weight the fastest way, you can put them below and I will try my best to answer them. Also don’t be afraid to share this on Facebook by “Liking” it , and tweet it to your followers using the Twitter button below if you enjoyed it.

Talk to you soon!



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      Hope this helps…

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